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This interface was easy to use. I was able to add text and images pretty quickly. The assessment is geared for an AP Art Class, to use at the beginning of a painting unit. I used sixteen different types of paintbrushes, but the amount of paintbrushes can be reduced for scaffolding purposes. Prior to the quiz I would have students test out  the paintbrushes, by practicing strokes, and provide a handout with all the paintbrushes, their uses, the paint type they work with the best, and what type of hair they are made out of. I love how quickly students can see their results and there is no grading for me to do! I was going to use Kahoot!, but since I am already familiar with it, I decided to learn a different resource to use in my future classroom. I tested the quiz on a few non art students, they enjoyed the experience, and learned something new.

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To take the quiz please click on the hyperlink.

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