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In the beginning...

In kindergarten my class was assigned an art project where we would each build a sculpture out of toothpicks and Elmer's Glue. Well I made the tallest (nearly taller than me), most complex structure that fit on a four inch by four inch wooden square. After we finished our sculpture we were allowed to choose a color and the teacher then spray painted the sculpture with the color you chose, and then she gave it back to the students to take home. I didn't get mine back like the rest of the students. Weeks later I found out that I had won the grand prize in my school art fair. From that point forward I was hooked, but it wasn't until sixth grade that I met the teacher that inspired me to be more creative.


Mrs. Stephanie White taught me a little about color theory, how to align letters properly, how to format a mural, and many more art techniques. She worked with all her students one-on-one to keep our classroom decorated in life size planets or depictions of the seven wonders of the world to name a few of the art projects we took on during my sixth grade year. In middle school and high school I was always in an Art class. Then in college I started out as a chemistry major but I found myself at a museums, painting, or taking photographs whenever I had spare time. I quickly realized I had to change my plans. History had always piqued my interest and art was a passion of mine so I became an Art History major. I had to take studio art classes as part of my major, which were a source of relaxation and fun for me. 

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