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Podcast Project

My Thoughts...

I found this assignment challenging, but very fulfilling because I have always wanted to create a podcast, get better at using Garageband, and iMovie. I ran into road blocks, but was able to trouble shoot each issue and hit the question icon in every program for clarification.

Garageband has changed since I first used it back in 2005. I had trouble with adjusting the volume for my sound effects and my background music, but the program is just intuitive enough that you can play with the controls and figure it out.

iMovie was much easier to navigate, but I feel I still have much to learn in both programs. The trouble I had here, was getting my rolling closing credits to aligns. I finally gave up and used a different template for my credits as I only have a few.

Being able to create a podcast is very valuable in my eyes, I would use it as a teacher-led component and as a student project. During the pandemic when we cannot be in the classroom, a podcast created by one of my teachers to get information to me with visuals and sound is pretty accommodating. Having a student learn to create a podcast is a skill that all student should learn for todays job market.

In short, I loved this project even though it was difficult at times. I can't wait to use the programs again.


My art space and creative process are a decadent affair in my mind! I imagine myself as Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun painting Marie Antoinette; The reality is, my art space is a seven-foot long table where I draw, sketch, paint and craft. My family and I have dinner at this rectangular table.  Above, a cork board hangs with my color wheel, and things I’ve drawn. My family portrait and mementos hang in the center. These remind me of the love and care I have for my family, and the beauty of life.


I create during my daughter’s afternoon nap and when she goes to bed at night. Music plays as I sit in a comfortable chair at the table, but if I work outside I stand in front of my easel. Before painting I sketch to study shadows, angles and proportions. Working off photographs: I print a color copy first, print a black and white copy to see the high and low lights, and use my computer to zoom in and out to see detail. Once I feel confident about the compositions structure I get my paintbrushes out, and use a plastic cutting board as a palette. Acrylic paint dries quickly so my four-hour work sessions motivate me to work fast. To get the proportions right I use the envelope method to sketch my composition on canvas, this helps to bring out dominant angles and shapes. First, I work on mid to light tones and finish up with darker pigments. Currently, I am working on a portrait of my daughter. I am sketching now and you can visit my website at to see my progress. Thanks for listening.


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